Non-Glare Lenses

Non-glare (or anti-reflective) coating is a common and cost-effective feature that many eyeglass wearers elect to have put on their lenses. It’s one of those things that you usually don’t notice or think about when you have it, but you notice when it’s not there!

Non-glare lenses are simply lenses that have this anti-reflective coating applied to the lens. Anti-reflective coating works by eliminating the reflections of light from the front and back the lens. Typical anti-reflective coating allows 99.5 percent of light to pass through, meaning that there is only a very faint hint of light on the lens even in the brightest conditions. The anti-glare protection allows more light to come through and results in better vision for you as well as a better view for others. When people look at you, they won’t see a glare off of the lenses of your glasses. Glares off of your glasses can ruin pictures and be distracting to people speaking with you because the glare obscures the view of your eyes. 

Beyond the cosmetic reasons, the largest benefits of anti-reflective coating are sharper vision when driving at night, and more comfort when using a computer for long periods of time. You won’t experience glare from the computer screen, and the sharper vision will mean easier focusing for your eyes.

It’s also a good idea to get the anti-reflective coating applied to the back surface of your sunglasses. This helps eliminate glare from sunlight when the sun is behind you.  Most AR coatings now also include a layer that prevents water spots, thus making them much easier to clean. There are even coatings that help resist skin oils while also making smudges easier to wipe off.

Glasses that have anti-reflective coating should be given special care, as some lens cleaners contain chemicals that could damage the anti-reflective coating. With any eyewear, make sure you know how to care for your gear to give it a long and useful life. Ask your eye care professional if you have questions about care for your eyewear, or would like to know more about anti-glare options.

Zeal Lenses and Frames

Zeal Lenses and Frames are at the forefront of lens technology. Not only do the polarized lenses block 95% of HEV light while cutting glare and reflected light, but Zeal is environmentally friendly! They used recycled materials for their packaging and even use plant-based materials for lenses and frames! Because of Zeal’s innovative technology and ability to help our patients see beautifully while assisting with light filtration and protection, we have decided to offer a discount to our patients: ZEAL FRAMES FOR ONLY $99 WHEN YOU PURCHASE ZEAL LENSES! Make an appointment with us to get your pair of Zeal eyewear so you know our eyes are not only protected, but seeing their best!

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